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RJ45-TL® rapid

The data jack,
made for your Finger

Extremely simple termination –
fast and cost-effective

The single and double jacks RJ45-TL® rapid offer unrivaled simplicity in termination thanks to intuitively operated levers

RJ45-TL® rapid data jacks

The RJ45-TL® rapid data jacks offer unprecedentedly simple termination of data cables

Thanks to integrated levers, terminating the wires is uncompromisingly simple. After preparing the cable, the wires must be inserted into the socket and terminated by pressing down the levers. Finally, the shielding plate is attached and the braided screen is fastened.

  • Cost-effective: Double jack significantly cheaper compared to using two separate jacks
  • User-friendly installation: Easy handling thanks to intuitively operable levers for simple and fast wire termination
  • Clear control: Integrated viewing windows make it easy to check the wiring and facilitate troubleshooting
  • Simple error correction: tool-free reopening without the need to fumble with tools
  • Proven performance: Type approval from GHMT AG for Cat. 6A
  • Full power: PoE support up to 100 watts
  • Reliable operation: High-quality LSA contacts with 45° angled position
  • Space-saving and flexible
RJ45-TL® rapid

Cat. 6A rapid double jack

RJ45-TL® rapid

Cat. 6A jack

Installation solution

RJ45-TL® rapid support plate

The RJ45-TL® rapid support plate offers an effortless mounting solution for data jacks in empty- or duct installation boxes. The jack simply snaps into the carrier frame. In addition to simple installation, the included central plate has dust protection flaps and a large labeling window of 12mm which supports a 2-line printed label.
Installation solution

RJ45-TL® rapid floor box adapters

The RJ45-TL® rapid floor box adapters offer an elegant and dust-protected installation solution for OBO Bettermann GES6 and GES9 floor boxes. The data jacks are simply snapped into the integrated support plates. In addition, integrated labeling windows simplify the application of labels.
All benefits in videos

Intuitive termination

The wire pairs of the data cable can be terminated intuitively and simply by pressing down the levers.

Simple termination check

The correct termination of the jack can be easily checked using the integrated viewing windows. This significantly simplifies and reduces the probability of errors.

Simple error correction

To correct a termination fault, the levers at the rear are simply to open by pushing them upwards. No more fiddling with tools to open the jack is needed.

Flexible installation

The shielding foils of the wire pairs remain closed even when moving thanks to the silicone tubes. The support plate including the data jack can now be installed easily and flexibly without any fumbling.

Less parts

An RJ45-TL® double jack consists of just 2 easy-to-handle individual parts. This eliminates the need to handle small parts, installation is quick and there are no small parts falling down.

Quick installation

Instead of the time-consuming installation of two individual data jacks, the RJ45-TL® double jack is simply clicked into the support plate – the complete data outlet is installed in a few seconds.

Installation of CobiNet data jack
RJ45-TL® rapid

Cat. 6A patch panel and -enclosure RJ45-TL®

All the benefits at a glance
  • Cost-efficient
  • User-friendly installation
  • Saves time during installation
  • Proven performance
  • Full power over Ethernet support
  • Reliable operation
  • Variety of applications
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GHMT certified performance

Cat. 6A data jack
CobiNet RJ45-TL® rapid

Independently and neutrally proven
You can rely on the electrical and mechanical performance of our products. This was proven independently and neutrally by a GHMT Type Approval.
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