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Networking in the data centre

Future-proof High-Speed cabling solutions for data centres

The structured data cabling in data centres is critical for trouble-free operation. It provides the backbone for reliable communication and data transmission

Using standardised fibre or copper-based cabling systems, modern data centre cabling provides a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to specific changes.

A carefully planned structured cabling additionally minimises downtimes and failures, optimises the data transmission rate and simplifies maintenance. Cables are installed according a clear specification to ensure an organised environment. This not only enables a trouble-free connection between servers, switches and other network components, it also makes it simpler to identify and solve any problems that may occur.

The choice of the right cable types and connectivity components depends on the specific requirements to the network architecture and bandwidth needs. Copper-based twisted pair cabling is well suitable for short distances and it is a cost-effective solution for the connection of servers, while fibre optics can provide much higher bandwidths and enables connections for longer distances.
Redundancy is also a key factor in ensuring high resilience.

Our in-house developed and produced optimally harmonised passive network connectivity components are designed to guarantee an optimal data transmission without data losses.

Whether fibre-optic or copper-based, we are offering a wide range of cables and connectivity components to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Our products meet the highest industry standards and are designed to cover today’s transmission standards with a large margin to be able to support upcoming technologies.

Another focus of CobiNet is on customised cabinet solutions for data centres. Our server and network cabinets are characterised by innovative designs that offer extra installation capacity for 19″ components and therefore ensure optimum space utilisation. If our standard products do not provide sufficient solutions for our customers’ requirements, we can also provide customised solutions in small series, which offer maximum scalability, flexibility and efficiency.

Data cable for connection to the patch panel , network sockets, and other network components. Ideally suited for the transmission of digital and analogue voice, image and data signals.
The subrack CobiFibre SR (subrack) with the associated distribution and splice slots can be used for data cabling in all parts of the building.
Network / patch cables are available in various designs and different lengths and guarantee high data rates and high signal quality.
CobiNet splice and distribution boxes can be uesed in all areas of building data cabling (Primary, secondary, tertiary).

CobiNet data & network cabinets are available in different variants. Maximum use of space, whereby single or multiple uses are possible.

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19 inch patch panels are designed for quick and safe installation in server racks. Suitable for 24 or 48 RJ45 modules. Available in 1 or 1.5 height units.
Extra flat and only 1/2 High unit high patch panel for optimum use of space in the network enclosure.
The compact 19 “phone – patch panels feature 25/32/50 unshielded RJ45 connectors and are suitable for telephone and ISDN installations.
Fibre optic cable CobiFibre is the latest generation of home wiring. Generally not affect fiber optic electronics. The low attenuation of the optical cable is also leave long distances.
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