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Networking in office buildings

Modern and sustainable office cabling systems

The increasing demands on communication networks have significantly increased the need for high-performance cabling systems in office buildings in recent years. Currently, the installation of 10G cabling is considered the technical standard in order to safely meet the growing demand for bandwidth caused by streaming and cloud services and the constantly increasing number of network connections

Structured cabling in commercial buildings is always an investment in the future. The cabling is used usually for 10 to 15 years and must be able to support the next 2 to 3 development steps of network technology. It is important to consider these requirements, which may occur during the lifetime of the structured cabling, from the beginning of the planning for an office building.

Whether you need backbone cabling or horizontal cabling, at CobiNet you will find future-proof system solutions for high-performance office communication. Our components are characterised by high operational reliability and simple installation, which supports reliable, efficient low-maintenance operation for future generations of technologies.

Schematische Darstellung der Büroverkabelung mit CobiNet Produkten

CobiNet RJ45-TL®

The RJ45-TL® outlet box has two shielded RJ45 jacks. Data cables can be terminated without tools and can be supplied from all sides. The outlet fits comfortably into any flat wall socket and is compatible with almost all common outlet programmes

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Wall outlet CobiNet KS

The wall outlet is ideally designed for flush-mounting and sill mounting to accommodate RJ45 sockets of the CobiNet KS system

Network cabinets and wall-mounted enclosures RS18

The CobiNet RS18 network and server cabinet is an innovative, modular cabinet system that offers functionalities providing maximum flexibility with maximum cost control when used as a single network cabinet as well as in a data centre

CobiNet twisted pair data cable

Data cable for termination to patch panels, network outlets and other network components. Ideally suitable for the transmission of digital and analogue voice, video and data signals.

CobiNet fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables are ideal for the growing bandwidth requirements of next generation technological developments, while offering high resistance to electromagnetic interference. CobiNet’s range includes both installation cables and pre-terminated cables (trunks), enabling a simple and fast installation.

Support frame KS for underfloor systems

Depending on the design, the frames is offering space for up to 6 or 9 installation positions for RJ45 data jacks in keystone format. The support frames are compatible with OBO Bettermann GES6 and GES9 underfloor boxes. Their use simplifies cable management, because no separate mounting box is required. This provides more space for guiding data cables in accordance with the bending radius.


RJ45 patch cables

Network/patch cables are available in various designs and different lengths and guarantee high data rates and high signal quality.

CobiNet KS

Consolidation Point enclosures are used in false floors, false ceilings or as wall enclosures and offer space for 4, 6 or up to 12 data modules in Keystone format. The enclosures are made of robust sheet steel and are labelled with port numbers

RJ45 patch panel
CobiNet LS

The RJ45 patch panels with LSA connectivity technology offer a cost-efficient and extremely reliable solution for structured cabling with transmission capacities of up to 10 G. In addition to the 1 RU variants, ½ RU variants with identical number of ports are also available. These enable optimal space utilisation in network cabinets thanks to their low construction height.

RJ45 phone distribution panels

The compact 19″ phone distribution panels (1 RU) provide 25/32/50 unshielded RJ45 jacks and are designed for phone and ISDN installations

Fibre optic patch cables

CobiNet fibre optic patch cables offer reliable connectivity between end devices and in distribution areas in a range of adapter and length variants. All cables are tested at the factory for the most important transmission parameters

19″ fibre optic splice- and distribution enclosures

The flexible CobiNet 19″ splice- and distribution enclosures are suitable for the primary, secondary and tertiary data cabling in buildings. They enable secure splice connections and an efficient distribution. The enclosures are available in 2 material variants (sheet steel or aluminium) and 2 functional variants (fixed or hinged) with all common adapter types. Time- and cost-efficient installation and safe operation is ensured by the pigtails from our own production, which are inserted ready for splicing inside the distribution enclosure and tested for optical performance inside the factory.

Field-terminable RJ45 plug

The field-terminable RJ45 plug from CobiNet is characterised by its simple and time-saving installation. It enables a direct termination of WLAN access points, IP cameras or other active components to the twisted pair installation cable, without the need of a additional data socket and patch cable.

The plug enables easy installation without the need for special tools and supports PoE with an output of up to 90 watts. Thanks to its robustness, it is ideally suited for use in industrial environments.

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