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Networking in industrial buildings

Industry 4.0

A future-proof network infra­structure for the digital manu­facturing

Uninterrupted availability of data is a import success factor for almost every major business today, especially for highly automated manufacturing environments.

A seamless network connectivity is essential for production facilities, as real-time data and information from all areas of production are continuously required. In addition, the ability to control equipment remotely over the network is more and more essential. Interruptions in the data network resulting in production downtimes have serious economic consequences for the companies affected.

That is why investing in a reliable network infrastructure is absolutely necessary. CobiNet supports production companies with reliable, optimally harmonised solutions. In addition, we also offer expertise in the ideal connection technology for industrial environments.

Our excellent delivery performance and the uncomplicated handling of our products also guarantee smooth installation and long-term, stable operation.


Surface-mounted data outlet CobiNet KS

The outlet is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic and is ideally suitable for outdoor installation thanks to its high UV stability. It is weatherproof and UV-resistant and has mounting positions for two RJ45 jacks in keystone format.

RJ45 jacks CobiNet KS

The robust, high-performance and high-quality RJ45 data jacks from CobiNet are essential for a reliable network infrastructure. Their simple installation method enables fast and cost-efficient installation of cabling. The data jacks can be used in a wide range of environments, including office buildings, residential buildings, industrial plants and data centres

Consolidation point enclosure
CobiNet KS

Consolidation Point enclosures are used as wall-mounted distributors and offer space for 6 or 12 data modules in keystone format. The enclosures are made of robust sheet steel and are equipped with port numbering.

CobiNet KS

The data outlet is ideally suitable for duct and flush installation to be used with RJ45 jacks keystone Jacks of the CobiNet-KS system. The outlet is compatible with a wide range of switch programmes.

DIN rail module enclosure CobiNet KS

One module enclosure for 2 installation environments. The ideal solution for integrating RJ45 jacks in keystone format or fibre optic connections in meter cabinets, electrical sub-distributions and control cabinets with DIN rails.

CobiNet Data Cable

Data cable for connection to the patch panel , network sockets , and other network components . Ideally suited for the transmission of digital and analogue voice , image and data signals.

RJ45 patch panel
CobiNet LS

The RJ45 patch panels with LSA connectivity technology offer a cost-efficient and extremely reliable solution for structured cabling with transmission capacities of up to 10 G. In addition to the 1 RU variants, ½ RU variants with identical number of ports are also available. These enable optimal space utilisation in network cabinets thanks to their low construction height.

19″ fibre optic splice- and distribution enclosures

The flexible CobiNet 19″ splice- and distribution enclosures are suitable for the primary, secondary and tertiary data cabling in buildings. They enable secure splice connections and an efficient distribution. The enclosures are available in 2 material variants (sheet steel or aluminium) and 2 functional variants (fixed or hinged) with all common adapter types. Time- and cost-efficient installation and safe operation is ensured by the pigtails from our own production, which are inserted ready for splicing inside the distribution enclosure and tested for optical performance inside the factory.

Network cabinets and wall-mounted enclosures RS18

The CobiNet RS18 network and server cabinet is an innovative, modular cabinet system that offers functionalities providing maximum flexibility with maximum cost control when used as a single network cabinet as well as in a data centre

CobiNet fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables are ideal for the growing bandwidth requirements of next generation technological developments, while offering high resistance to electromagnetic interference. CobiNet’s range includes both installation cables and pre-terminated cables (trunks), enabling a simple and fast installation.

Field-terminable RJ45 plug

The field-terminable RJ45 plug from CobiNet is characterised by its simple and time-saving installation. It enables a direct termination of WLAN access points, IP cameras or other active components to the twisted pair installation cable, without the need of a additional data socket and patch cable.

The plug enables easy installation without the need for special tools and supports PoE with an output of up to 90 watts. Thanks to its robustness, it is ideally suited for use in industrial environments.

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