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The CobiNet assembly service

Our service for accelerated project durations

CobiNet assembles and delivers customised and individually pre-assembled products on request

With the CobiNet pre-assembly service, we offer the option of pre-assembling and delivering customised and tested assemblies according to the specifications of our customers. The assemblies include network cabinets, floor tank inserts, fibre optic distributors, building connection enclosures, 19″ distribution enclosures and cable bundles (trunks).

This significantly reduces project runtimes for our customers. In addition, potential faults and the related costs are minimised, because the production of the pre-assembled products takes place under strict industrial conditions in our own factories with a functional test before delievering.

In a time where skilled professionals are in short demand, the pre-assembly in our production supports an efficient use of resources by our customers. Employees can focus on taking the assemblies in operation instead of being involved in time-consuming on-site assembly. In addition, the delivery of pre-assembled components to the site is reducing the amount of packaging material that has to be disposed in a cost-intensive process.

All benefits of the CobiNet assembly service at a glance:

  • Faster project runtimes thanks to project-specific assemblies assembled in the factory, e.g. network cabinets, floor tank inserts and cable bundles (trunks)
  • Minimised error costs through assembly under industrial conditions
  • Optimises and conserves your resources in times of shortage of skilled labour
  • Easier construction site logistics and optimisation
The CobiNet
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Accelerated project runtimes
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