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Networking in the residential building

Future-proof products for home, work and small networks

Connecting the house in a future-proof manner
A high level of mobility, flexibility and an Internet connection available at any time have gained a significant impact on our lives in recent years. The diverse application possibilities, including HDTV, streaming services for video on demand (VoD) and IPTV (Internet TV), have permanently changed the use of media content.

At the same time, the demand for network access through the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home technologies is continuously growing. Therefore, today’s residential cabling must have a communication distributor for data supply in every apartment in accordance with the DIN 18015-1 standard. This distributor takes up the connections of the Internet provider and forwards them to the individual rooms by means of structured cabling.

CobiNet presents a comprehensive solution for the structured cabling of residential buildings. Our data cables and RJ45 connection components enable uncomplicated installation and guarantee high operational reliability. The performance of our products has also been independently tested and certified by GHMT AG. In addition, our connection components can be perfectly integrated into almost all common switch programs.


CobiNet RJ45-TL® outlets

The RJ45-TL® outlet box has two shielded RJ45 jacks. Data cables can be terminated without tools and can be supplied from all sides. The outlet fits comfortably into any flat wall socket and is compatible with almost all common outlet programmes

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Wall outlet CobiNet KS

The wall outlet is ideally designed for flush-mounting and sill mounting to accommodate RJ45 sockets of the CobiNet KS system.

Rollerbox – FttH termination set

The FttH termination set Rollerbox includes a fitted junction box WO19 and a prefabricated cable for connection to the FTTH network. 3 types of installation are possible: surface-mounted, DIN rail (DIN TS35) or on a switch box. Thanks to the ready-to-use junction box, there is no need for time-consuming and labour-intensive splice work in the customers apartment. The cable can be easily installed by one person. This is ensured by the integrated unwinding mechanism of the Rollerbox.

The box is available in lengths of 30, 50 and 70 metres. Other lengths are available on request.

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Building entry enclosure OD

The splice enclosures of the OD product range are designed specifically to provide an optimal and secure installation of passive optical components, cables and empty tubes, as well as easy splicing and patching. Furthermore, they offer effective protection against unauthorised access and environmental influences.

The enclosures ensure a high level of robustness against vandalism and unauthorised access thanks to the use of impact-resistant materials. The integration into existing locking systems is made possible by using an optional profile half cylinder. The enclosures can be stacked in series or mounted on poles by using an outdoor bracket. The installed components are optimally protected against humidity and dust penetration by IP67 protection class.

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CobiNet twisted pair data cable

Data cable for termination to patch panels, network outlets and other network components. Ideally suitable for the transmission of digital and analogue voice, video and data signals.

Surface-mounted data outlet CobiNet KS

The outlet is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic and is ideally suitable for outdoor installation thanks to its high UV stability. It is weatherproof and UV-resistant and has mounting positions for two RJ45 jacks in keystone format.

Consolidation Point Enclosure KS

Consolidation Point enclosures are used as wall-mounted distributors and offer space for 6 or 12 data modules in keystone format. The enclosures are made of robust sheet steel and are equipped with port numbering.

Field-terminable RJ45 plug

The field-terminable RJ45 plug from CobiNet is characterised by its simple and time-saving installation. It enables a direct termination of WLAN access points, IP cameras or other active components to the twisted pair installation cable, without the need of a additional data socket and patch cable.

The plug enables easy installation without the need for special tools and supports PoE with an output of up to 90 watts. Thanks to its robustness, it is ideally suited for use in industrial environments.

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