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CobiNet fibre optic enclosures

Distribution enclosures for the building entry point

For every type of building the right enclosure

In modern FttH fibre-optic networks, connection enclosures for the building exchange point (BEP) play a critical role in the reliable provision of broadband services, such as internet TV, telephony, cloud services and other streaming services.

CobiNet fibre optic enclosures are characterised by their outstanding scalability, robustness and simple installation. In addition, our universal enclosures can integrate a wide range of technologies such as antenna technology, telephony and fibre optic connections, among others, in a space-saving manner in just one enclosure to connect residential or small office facilities.

All enclosures offer excellent protection against unauthorised access and facilitate operation for network operators or administrators. This is achieved by using an optimal profile half cylinder that can be integrated perfectly into existing locking systems of network or building operators.

OD 06

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All CobiNet enclosures can be factory-fitted with components according to customer specifications, tested and delivered to the site ready for operation
Building entry enclosures FDC

Our enclosures bring organisation into communication installations with, pre-assembled on request

They are providing installation space for the complete building or floor distribution of communication and multimedia equipment, like fibre optic connections, antenna supply or analogue telephony. The configuration and design of the enclosures can be customised in various versions thanks to the universal mounting back plate.

The FDC transfer enclosures are perfect for fibre optic access to larger residential buildings, depending on the network design and expansion level, They offer the possibility of providing up to 373 fibre optic connections in one enclosure (FDC30).

Spleiß­gehäuse OD

Vielseitige Verteilgehäuse für den geförderten
und privatwirtschaftlichen Glasfaserausbau

Unsere Spleißgehäuse der Produktserie OD wurden speziell entwickelt um die Aufnahme passiver optischer Komponenten, Kabel und Leerröhrchen und ein einfaches Spleißen und Patchen zu ermöglichen.

Dank robuster und schlagfester Materialien, bieten die Gehäuse einen hohen Schutz vor Vandalismus und unbefugtem Zugriff. Durch den Einsatz eines profilhalbzylinders lassen sie sich nahtlos in bestehende Schließsysteme integrieren, was den Betrieb erleichtert. Die Gehäuse können entweder für einen Ausbau oder die Trennung der Netzebenen aneinandergereiht werden oder zusätzlich im Freien an einem Mast befestigt werden.


The CobiNet confection service

We reduce the installation costs through individually pre-assembled products in the factory.

On request, we equip distributors for the PoP, fibre optic network distributors for the street or house handover points customer-specifically in the factory. The assembly under industrial conditions supports long-term safe operation and avoids installation errors in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

We deliver the components with our logistics partners tested and sustainably “Just in Time”, so that the installation can be carried out in a time-saving manner with a minimum of assembly effort and packaging waste.

  • The CobiNet
    assembly service
    for your project
    Accelerated project runtimes
  • RS18 - The CobiNet
    Racksystem with the
    3rd 19"-Dimension
    Installation of the components
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