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RJ45-TL® Kat. 6A-Double-jack

worlds first toolless connectable
by CobiNet

Focussing on the essentials …

The CobiNet RJ45-TL® double jack can be wired toolless and enables the simple installation of service-neutral data cabling networks in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 with a transmission capacity of 10 Gb. The simple, uncomplicated handling due to the toolless wiring of the LSA contacts and a high technical margin (typically 6 dB NEXT) ensure reliable and trouble-free operations for a long time.

… for less stress

Cable entry from any direction

CobiNet RJ45-TL® offers an efficient, space-saving solution especially for tight installation situations such as low-profile switch boxes and protects the network connection from unnecessary transmission losses due to cable stress.

During installation, the cable jacket is stripped down deep in the box insert. Then the wire pairs are routed separately to the socket.

This method of installing the CobiNet RJ45-TL® double jack creates a flexible installation situation. The permissible bending radius of the data cable is no longer exceeded. The return loss (RL) and crosstalk (NEXT) are positively influenced and packet losses during active transmission will be minimised.

CobiNet RJ45-TL – less stress for installation and network performance.

CobiNet RJ45-TL® in flat switch box

Supply of the wire pairs from any direction

Hand technique

Less handles, executed quickly, precisely and safely

CobiNet RJ45-TL® saves time and costs by connecting the data cable in just a few steps – similar to connecting a power socket. Integrated sliders make the perfect connection.

After the wires have been inserted, the sliders are pressed down to make contact in millionfold proven CobiNet LSA contacts. There is no need to use special tools such as parallel pressing pliers or LSA insertion tools. In addition, when installing the double jack inside a short switch box, the data cable no longer needs to be pushed back inside the empty cable pipe.

The simplicity of the connecting process makes the installation faster and much safer. Errors are avoided during installation and can be carried out safely by any skilled electrician.

This allows network specialists to concentrate on planning, measuring and acceptance of the entire network.

Step 1

Strip the cable jacket

Step 2

Pull over protective tube

Step 3

Insert cable wires, press down slider and install the EMV cover

Step 4

Fit the double jack in the support plate – Ready

The best from two techniques

Powerful as a network jack, compact like a LSA data outlet

The CobiNet RJ45-TL® double jack is based on two independent PCBs with Cat. 6A transmission power and high NEXT reserve. This enables CobiNet RJ45-TL to achieve the quality of highly shielded single network jacks. Additionally Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications up to 100 watts can be operated safely.

On the other hand, LSA data outlets are still the best choice in tight installation situations due to their compactness and offer a gradual feed of the data cables from several sides.

With a depth of 29.6 mm, the CobiNet RJ45-TL® is one of the most compact data jacks on the world market and enables cable feed from all directions

The two independent Cat. 6A jacks, including support for PoE up to 100 watts, combined with an optimal cable feed without cable stress, create a secure basis for the best performance in the transmission of data and power.

Performance confirmed

Independent and neutral
The reliabelity of the electrical and mechanical performance of the CobiNet RJ45-TL® is been independently and neutrally proven by a GHMT Type Approval.
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