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CobiFibre OD 12 Outdoor splicing box

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CobiFibre OD 12 Outdoor splicing box
June 01, 2016
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More safety, comfort and versatility

With our new outdoor splicing and distribution panel CobiFibre OD 12 which is constructed compactly, we offer more safety, time saving, profitability and flexibility – not only for network providers but also for everybody making high demands on optic fibre links.

The extremely weather-, shock- and scratch resistant box has the dimensions of 200 x 235 x 67mm and consist of structured ASA which is a robust, nearly indestructible synthetic material. The cover lock with its label field closes by a locking hook. Additional safety is created by the opportunity of sealing.

One of its outstanding features is the profile half-cylinder which can be integrated into a locking system. The resistant case is made for 24 outgoing and 12 incoming fibres. The IP 54-protected patch cable exit has a flexible slats seal which makes an easy installation possible.

Two metric screw cable entries are designed for fibre cable entries with M20 screw connection for ducts having a diameter of five to nine millimeters. There is the possibility to use two M25 screw fittings. Strain relief and fibre overlength depots are available for fibre optic- and patch cables. Besides that CobiNet is one step ahead with our installation cuttings for LC, SC, E-2000, MTRJ, ST, FC und DIN (LSA) couplings. Depending on the operating conditions, installation and fixing of gas or water blockers is possible.

Fastening devices for optical coupler can be used for corresponding demands and specific solutions. Thanks to a flexible splice box, a fast and convenient installation and maintenance are possible.

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