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CobiNet Fibre optic distributor

More connections on less floor space

CobiNet distribution enclosures reduce investment costs by maximising fibre density in a minimum of floor space. Thanks to their compact design, they fit discreetly into the environment and offer sufficient reserves for future expansions.

The foldable splice cassette developed by our experts provides a high level of security during operation and for expansions during operation. This is possible thanks to the integrated fibre management system, which ensures the precise maintenance of bending radii of the fibres.

The training requirements for installation personnel are reduced to a minimum, because all CobiNet FttX components have the same splice cassettes.

Maximum fibre density on minimum floor space!

Our fibre optic network distributors offer capacities
for a wide range of requirements.

The slim profile of the NVt17 impresses with its particularly compact design and has one of the highest fibre densities on the market. Its footprint (345 x 240 mm), which is up to 44 % smaller than products on the market, allows nevertheless to termination up to 480 fibres.

With the NVt10 144, its high fibre capacity allows the connection of up to 51 more buildings compared with the standard model NVt10.. This is achieved by the improved layout and the possibility of accommodating up to 147 empty fibre tubes.

The enclosures of our fibre optic network distributors are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester. The material impresses with its high UV light resistance and maximum stability combined with low weight. The resistance of the NVt10 to break-open attacks was confirmed by a test according to the specifications of the largest German network operator by an independent testing institute.

All components of the NVt10 will be mounted on a mounting plate that is independent of the enclosure. This makes it easy to replace damaged enclosure parts during operation without having to disconnect the distributor from the network. In addition to the ergonomic, easy access to the cassette systems, they can even be processed comfortably in a sitting position for the NVt17.

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