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At CobiNet workshops you earn fundamental skills of planning and installing telecommunication, data network and fibre optic cable technology.

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This workshop is divided into the following fields


LSA- connection technology

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different constructions
  • Advantages of LSA-HD
  • Classic telecommunication structure
  • Supplies
  • Fields of applications and limits of overvoltage protection

FM-main distributor technology

  • Wall switchboards
  • Floor standing switchboards


  • Network expansion
  • Collocation networks
  • Count of high paired communication cables
  • Network planning
  • Test and measurement technology

This workshop is divided into the following fields


Structured cabling systems

  • Network structures
  • Categories and classes
  • Up-to-date standards
  • Network planning
  • Products from class-C to class-EA networks
  • Measurement technology and measurement documentation
  • Cat. 6A  and class EA in detail

Practical training

  • Link building
  • Performing measurement
  • Report analysis

This workshop is divided into the following fields


Basics and structured premises wiring

  • Optical parameters of fibre optic cable
  • Essentially standards
  • Confidence in dealing with fibre optic technology
  • Connection technology
  • Splicing technology
  • Measurement technology
  • Use cases

Practical training

  • Splicing of fibre optic cable connection
  • OTDR-measurement
  • Evaluation

Long-term experience in holding workshops and continuous training of our employees are your guarantee for a sound knowledge


Our competent teachers provide necessary fundamental knowledge in our neutral workshops. This extensive knowledge transfer is supplemented by practical training.

At CobiNet you profit by our long-term experience in teaching and a continuous training of our employees. The participants include wholesalers, retailers, installers and sales representatives as well as network providers, planners and engineers and employees of administration, public utilities and other institutions.

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